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13th Austrian Cycling Summit 2022

The Austrian Cycling Summit is a regular conference on cycling in Austria. This Cycling Summit will take place in Vienna from April 3rd to 5th 2022. The conference will be hosted in the viennese City Hall on the world-famous Ringstrasse of Vienna.

The conference will be held in the German language, but for our international guests there will be a translation in English on the main floor.

Experts from the fields of science and administration as well as representatives of politics and NGOs will discuss and develop solutions that promote including your bicycle in everyday life. This Cycling Summit also addresses people who are involved in NGOs, in order to get in touch with experts from other professions.

Ticketshop is open!

The presale of the tickets has started.

Participation in the two-day conference is free for people from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), students and members of cycling NGOs.

The program of the summit is online now!

Keynote speakers from Austria and Europe will talk about cycling viewed from different perspectives.


The schedule of the cycling summit as planned will be:

April 3rd:

Visit the Argus Bike Festival, participate in the viennese RADpaRADe, early check-in, evening reception of the BMK (federal ministry of climate action)

April 4th:

Check-in, conference day 1, evening event

April 5th:

Check-in, conference day 2, excursions, closing reception, departure